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Welcome to

bauerberg klein

Bauerberg Klein was born in 2005 in order to meet the needs of training and consulting companies in the Petroleum industry. Through these years of activity, we performed a myriad of courses in an "open" or "in company" form for areas of upstream, downstream and HSE. In Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela the company established itself as a leading company in terms of training for the oil industry.
Because of its great expansion, a year after starting its activities, BK began to provide training and consulting services to industries such as mining, energy, petrochemical and other process industries.

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In-house courses (or In company courses)

In addition to offering "open" courses, in which staff of any company can participate, BK offers the possibility of hiring in-house courses. For these courses, programs are tailored to suit the requirements of each organization, and this allows companies to train their staff in private classes in which only employees participate.

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Coming soon. Bauerberg Klein will launch its own e-learning platform and provide online training services.

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Bauerberg Klein

Thanks to the companies which day after day trust and inspire us to continue growing, we present our new website. A dynamic site where our customers can find all the information necessary to train the staff of your company in an easier and agile way, as well as information pertaining to the consultancy service we provide. We have a search engine to filter the courses of interest by discipline, location where the course will take place and/or name of it. Similarly, courses can be accessed through the menu options: our course offerings, which is divided by areas (Upstream, Downstream and HSE and Maintenance) all of which can be also contracted in company.

Why choose Bauerberg Klein

Because we offer international quality technical courses taught by leading instructors globally in each of the areas of application, trying to adapt the thematic programs to the needs of the companies.
Because we deliver services efficiently to those who are hired at reasonable cost and customer acceptance. 
Because it is our goal and main objective, to provide cutting edge knowledge and skills of the most important resource which the companies have: their people.