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Productive Shale Fracturing

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Mike Smith
6 Noviembre 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina
3 días
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Productive Shale Fracturing

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for stimulation and completion engineers involved in the design or management of multi-fractured horizontal wells in productive shale formations.


What Is Covered?

The course emphasizes the unique properties of productive shale formations starting with “What is a productive shale?” Starting there, how do we recognize differences between various shale formations and how do these differences impact selecting appropriate well completion/stimulation procedures. The course emphasizes how fracturing of horizontal wells has raised geomechanical questions that have never before been of any significant importance to oil & gas production, and will look at how we can answer these questions. These questions include such things as well azimuth, optimum perforation cluster length/separation, optimum number of clusters per stage, vertical position of horizontal well within the formation… Finally, how do in situ geomechanical factors affect the risks and what can be done to mitigate these risks.


What Will We Learn?

  • What type of frac is appropriate/when (water frac, hybrid, etc.)
  • What is stress shadowing & is it real?
  • How to determine proper cluster spacing?
  • How to design/analyze pre-frac injection tests?
  • What is “Stimulated Reservoir Volume”? Can I design this?
  • What is the role of complex fractures and geomechanics?
  • How do the various completion procedures (Plug & Perf, “Packer-Plus™”, etc.) compare?


How Is It Presented?

The course is based on visual aids keyed to NSI's comprehensive manual.  The manual contains the most up-to-date collection of state-of-the-art shale fracturing concepts/practices, and provides an excellent reference for later applications.