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Bauerberg Klein was born in 2005 in order to meet the needs of training and consulting companies in the Petroleum industry.

Because of its great expansion, a year after starting its activities, we began to provide training and consulting services to industries such as mining, energy, petrochemical and other process industries. Through these years of activity, we performed several open courses in the main oil spots in South America, where professionals from the most important companies participated. We also deliver courses which are tailored; these are called "In-company" courses, and they are hired for the staff of the company.

Our Activity

Within the oil industry we specialize in the area of Upstream (exploration and production) but our course offering covers all the stages of the oil production as: midstream (transportation, processes and storage) and downstream (refinement, sale and distribution).

We provide services in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, and Venezuela. That our courses reach professionals from the main oil-producing countries is one of our goals to become a global model for the oil industry. The work career of our instructors and the cutting-edge courses developed by them has positioned Bauerberg Klein as a good option as regards technical trainings.

Renowned instructors like: Tarek Ahmed, John Ely, Gabor Takacs, Cleon Dunham, Alpar Cseley, Dan Church, Erdal Ozkan, Maghsood Abbaszadeh, Maurice Dusseault and local references constitute an essential part of our business.